Contract Farming

Our commitment to sustainability and community is integrated into every part of our operations

Contract Farming

We engage in contract farming partnerships to support small and medium scale farmers to improve their livelihoods. This is in line with the World Food Programme’s purchase for progress principles of supporting farmers to grow more, sell more, and earn more and become more competitive players in their local markets.

We view the community and our suppliers as key stakeholders to any investment and our objective in this regard is to empower these respective stakeholders from an educational, economic and social welfare perspective.

Farmer Out-grower schemes

Milele Agro-processing has an organized group of farmers that currently have an off take for groundnuts from Malawi.


Grains and other agricultural commodities, Milele Agro-processing has partnership with large retailers who can guarantee long term contracts.

Training and Skills development

Milele Agro-processing values the well being and social conditions of their farmers in the out-grower schemes, therefore we invest in imparting technical skills, knowledge and mentorship for the farmers

Targeted Achievements

Through supporting community projects, we seek to achieve the following objectives:

• Increase agricultural production for small to medium scale farmers

• Increase production and consumption of a wide variety of foods

• Capacity building small to medium scale farmers with business facilitation and local value chain development skills

• Agro-processing and value addition of products

Milele Agro-Processing

Our Vision 

To be a catalyst for sustainable growth in Africa’s food & agribusiness sector.

Milele Agro-Processing

Our Vision 

Building businesses and delivering enviable returns while mindful of impacts on people and the environment.

Milele Agro-Processing

Our Vision 

Food and agribusiness investment with purpose.


Our commitment to sustainability and community is integrated into every part of our operation.  

Our vast know-how and experience at your service:  

• Agricultural operations & Management of groundnut farms - using our vast knowhow to produce and sell to the local and international markets.  

• Agriculture guidance and training - Conducting professional training seminars (agronomy) for local farmers and creating a training concept to secure long-term steady increase in groundnut product.

Making a difference

We engage in contract farming with small to medium scale farmers for the purposes of expansion of the markets, the promotion of agricultural commodities as a means of raising income, as well as being an alternative method for solving agriculture problems for households.

Milele Agro Processing

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